Disposable Camera
12 years old, yikes
Timing with the Timer
Church of Cannabis
White Sands
Mary Jane (buds?)
Irreverent Punk
A decade running...
I play, down by the river
Moon over Medano
Boulder Cruisers
Cruiser Ride Dorks
Leaving Sturgis '07
Yeah seriously really
for President
Punk Ass Rocker
Mi Pals
Mile "High" Stadium
Otis & Baby
Comic Con
Coke is it
I'm located at...
Fleece wrapped drums
Me & Luna
Zombie Crawl
Diatribe (reunion)
Photo by MoM
Stairway to...
Lake Ontario
Sand Surfer
Cinco de Mayo
Yeah! (Ireland)
Intro Card for open mic
GoPro studio footage
Pensacola Beach
Neat Ones
2mp flip phone pic
Disc Golf, breaktime
33 hour road trip
Let's do business!
Skate & Destroy
F--- YEAH, 27 shows
Me & Stephen Perkins
Ghost-Alien drummer?
10 pound cymbal
Sand Dunes
RAW Artists solo
Lake Powell
I'm on far right
I'm Boner! (Bono)
Family in Evergreen
...and justice for all
SnoCat Skiing 18"
Edinburgh, Scotland
Walk Signal Guy
Durango, 80' leap
I knew it
I'm a Pirate! KGLR
High School "Case Day"
Me and my toys
Flight to Mexico
The articles!
Free Jam Society
Band logo on MAC
Pointy Peak, I-70
Hello, from Red Rocks
Yeah, screw pastels!
My drums are...
I never camp alone
Moonroof decor
Leaving my "mark"
Moab Gang
You know it
Classic 80s boom box
Hand painted spiral
Spring Break, age 17
Diggler w/Helmet Cam
Up-Shot (one of many)
Cutie skin into art
Mix Tape Master
Self Timer in Vegas
Dino & Me
Love my TiTs!
1952 - 2020